53rd Carlos Kelly McClatchy Symposium

A conversation with Bob Woodward. Woodward will discuss his reporting from Nixon to Trump and the challenges confronting the press, the presidency, and American democracy. Thursday, November 8, 2018, 7PM – 9PM, CEMEX Auditorium.

Serdar Tumgoren

Lorry I. Lokey Visiting Professor in Professional Journalism
McClatchy Hall, Rm. 342

Tumgoren is passionate about open source tools and platforms that help journalists uncover data-driven stories.

Silicon Valley tech culture has roots in Burning Man

Prof. Fred Turner has been studying the role of art and countercultural movements – including the communal, participatory lifestyle celebrated at the annual Burning Man festival – that have had far-reaching influence in the workplace of tech firms.

Sumer Vaid

Vaid is broadly interested in understanding how individual differences in demographic and psychological traits relate to patterns of use of digital media technologies (i.e smartphone, social media applications).

Fear and Loathing in the Body Politic

Prof. Shanto Iyengar and Graduate School of Business Prof. Neil Malhotra discuss affective polarization. Interparty animus is clearly manifest in real-world behaviors — and the pervasiveness of these effects is astonishing.

Big little lies of mobile dating

Lying about availability is a common deception mobile app daters tell their potential partners, according to a new paper by Prof. Jeff Hancock and David Markowitz

How to create empathy in VR

Prof. Jeremy Bailenson discusses the growing body of scientific evidence showing that creating empathy in virtual reality is more successful if the headset wearer moves around.