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Adina Abeles

Abeles is a member of the Political Psychology Research Group (PPRG). Her research aims to understand the processes by which people form attitudes, and how those attitudes affect voting behavior and influence policy. She uses climate change as an exemplar issue through which to understand the role perception, polarization, stereotypes and attitude affect public opinion on environmental issues. 

Soohee Kim

Kim’s research interests include attitude formation, measurement of public opinion, and deliberative settings, with specific focus on the role of psychological and emotional factors.

Daniel Muise

Muise’s interests focus on the effect of advanced telecommunications capacity on disparity and political development under repressive and transitional regimes, specifically regarding data privacy and vulnerable populations.

Annabell Suh

Suh is a member of the Political Psychology and Research Group (PPRG). Her research interests include survey methodology, political psychology, and political communication.

Yushu Zhou

Zhou’s research interests focus on cognition in mediated information processing, psychology of interactive technologies, attitude change, and decision making.