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The Honors Thesis Program offers qualified students an opportunity to conduct independent communication research and to write an honors thesis reporting their results. The program provides for close contact between students and thesis advisors so that students can receive intensive guidance and assistance throughout their research and writing. The aim is to help students go through the process of conceptualization, study planning, data collection, analysis, and writing which is essential to excellence in scholarship.

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Sophia Vo

Sophia Vo

Sophia Vo

Because of modern media conglomerates like The Walt Disney Company, viewers can follow fictional characters across mediums — from television to film to video games. Transmedia storytelling involves the dispersion of one story across multiple mediums for a coordinated experience. Rather than simply the same story adapted from a book into a movie, every medium in transmedia contributes uniquely to the narrative system. In a series of essays, my thesis will explore the impact of transmedia on the film medium and on marketing strategy. Case studies include Mickey Mouse’s role in product promotion, Star Trek fan forums and Iron Man video game culture.

Advisor: Fred Turner

Shawnee Baughman

Shawnee Baughman

Shawnee Baughman

Shawnee is working with Professor Jeremy Bailenson and Dr. Robin Rosenberg, who is the world’s expert on the psychology of superheros.  They are using an innovative new Virtual World in which the user can fly like a superhero by raising and moving their arms. They will be studying some of the psychological effects that may ensue after one embodies a superhero. The goal is to see whether positive social actions, or helping behaviors, increase when they have been given the chance to act as a hero.

Advisor: Jeremy Bailenson

Honors Theses

Previous Honors Theses are available for review in Room 110A in Bldg. 120. Examples of some recent theses include:

  • Virtual Superheroes: Using Superpowers in Virtual Reality to Encourage Prosocial Behavior
    Shawnee Baughman, 2012, Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Bailenson
  • What Might it Mean to be Human: A Glimpse of the Future Through Battlestar Galactica
    Sydney Burlison, 2012, Thesis Advisor: Fred Turner
  • Influencing Environmental Negotiation Through Immersive Social Perspective Taking
    Alyssa Green, 2012, Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Bailenson
  • Ethnic Tweaking of the Windows to the Soul: The Role of Media in Shaping the Beauty Perception of Korean Women
    Christine J. Park, 2011, Thesis Advisor: Fred Turner
  • Human Centric System Design: An Analysis of How Collaborative System Design Dicates Innovation and Productivity in Modern Economies and How to Seamlessly Leverage Future Technologies with the Human Condition
    Steven Duplinsky, 2010, Thesis Advisor: Byron Reeves
  • Justice at 24 Frames a Second: The Power and Persuasiveness of Victim Impact and Mitigation Videos
    Charlie Mintz, 2010, Thesis Advisors: Glenn Frankel & Fred Turner
  • Multi-Dimensional Design Strategies for Web Recommender Systems: How Grouping Approaches for Generating Product Recommendations Affect User Responses
    Paloma Ochi (Firestone Award Recipient), 2010, Thesis Advisor: Cliff Nass
  • Mixed Emotions: Emotional Juxtaposition in Online Advertising
    Alison Johnston, 2009, Thesis Advisor: Cliff Nass
  • The Portrayal of Africa in the Western Media and its Effects on College-Aged Youth of African-descent Living in the United States
    Kamila McDonald, 2009, Thesis Advisors: Fred Turner & Prudence Carter
  • The News Media in Nicaragua and Their Role in Democratic Development 
    Amy Bonilla, 2008, Thesis Advisors: Shanto Iyengar & William Ratliff
  • S.tiches O.f the S.ahara: An Exploration Into the Non-profit Business 
    Allison Brian, 2008, Thesis Advisor: Cliff Nass
  • Multi-Media Minds: Cognitive Control in Media Multitaskers 
    Eyal Ophir, 2008, Thesis Advisor: Cliff Nass
  • Bringing the Asian Journalism Debate into American Newsrooms: Rethinking Diversity 
    Aram Hur, 2007, Thesis Advisor: Ted Glasser
  • Learning Tai Chi in Virtual Reality: Exploring the Effects of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality on Learning of Physical Tasks? 
    Alexia Nielsen, 2007, Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Bailenson
  • Virtually True: Children’s Acquisition of False Memories in Virtual Reality 
    Kathryn Rickertsen (Firestone Award Recipient), 2007, Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Bailenson
  • Virtual Police Lineups: An Exploration of How Virtual Reality Can Improve Eyewitness Identification 
    Alexandra Davies, 2005, Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Bailenson
  • Subtle Racial Media Appeals in Political Campaigns and the Local News: How does this influence public opinion and California referenda? 
    Jessica LaVerne Parker, 2005, Thesis Advisor: Shanto Iyengar