Human Resources

SUNet ID & Email

Your SUNet ID is a 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a current member of the Stanford community with full access to the Stanford University Network of computing resources and services. The SUNet ID followed by makes up your email address and appears in your Stanford web page URL ( It is your official login ID for online university systems.

Please request a SUNet ID from the SUNet ID website and email it to Katrin Wheeler at to request the required sponsorship. Use Reset Password if you have lost or forgotten your current password. Current passwords can be reset via StanfordYou. Obtaining a SUNet ID is a prerequisite for establishing an official Stanford email account.

Accessing Email@Stanford will provide you with all you need to know about the email account included with every regular full service SUNet ID.

University ID

All members of the Stanford community are assigned an individual employee ID number (displayed above the picture on your Stanford ID card).

Stanford ID Card & Courtesy Card

A machine readable photo ID card that serves as your personal identification on campus and acts as an electronic key card, library card and access card to recreational facilities. You can obtain your ID card from the Stanford Card Office at George Forsythe Hall, 275 Panama Street (room 135). See web page for further details. You will use the Stanford ID card for after-hour access to our building.


Use StanfordYou to add and change your public and private address, email, phone number, and other contact information. Updates are mirrored in StanfordWho and in the PeopleSoft human resources online system. Changes to your SUNet password and the creation of email aliases and account forwarding can also be managed via StanfordYou, as well as maintaining your vacation autoreply.


StanfordWho is the online directory of all Stanford affiliates, offering public, private, and Stanford-only (authenticated) views. Anyone with an active SUNet ID can be listed and accessed in the directory. Your publicized contact information and accessibility are maintained in StandfordYou.


A web-based system where faculty and members of the Stanford community review and officially update personal information in electronic university records. Please ensure that you have full access to the teaching pages (via the ‘Teaching’ tab) of Axess and are familiar with how to use them early in the quarter. You may also use Axess to view online pay statements, edit W4 and DE4 Information, view and order W-2s from current or prior years, add or update direct deposit, view your class list, submit end-of-quarter final grades, review evaluations, and monitor advisees. To avoid future problems, please check out the User’s Guide and test all Axess functionality at the beginning of your appointment.