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Jakki Bailey

Bailey  is interested in the psychological and social impact of media as well as the use of technology for learning.   Her current work examines the impact that embodied mediated experiences have on cognition and behavior.

Lorin Dole

Dole’s current research focuses on two separate psychological issues in human-robot interaction: what kinds of identities best enable robots to aid dependents in search-and-rescue situations, and how people’s implicit stereotypes about robots can be misattributed to humans.

Fernanda Herrera

Herrera’s research interests focus on the psychosocial effects of new media and technology as well as the cognitions and perceptions experienced while interacting with new media.

Mufan Luo

Mufan’s research focuses on the psychology of communication technology, which involves the examination of interpersonal dynamics in computer-mediated communication (CMC) and social media affordances.

Catherine (Soo Youn) Oh

Oh’s  research interests include the implications of media multitasking, the emotional dynamics of virtual communities, social influence, and the affective and social aspects of human-computer interaction.

Katherine Roehrick

Roehrick is interested in the psychosocial and developmental effects of new media and technology. In particular, she is keen to understand how new technology can facilitate learning opportunities that change individual attitudes and behaviors.