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Ruth Appel

Appel is interested in the intersection of Behavioral Science and Computer Science, with the aim of leveraging psychological targeting ethically and for the common good.

Fernanda Herrera

Herrera’s research interests focus on the psychosocial effects of new media and technology as well as the cognitions and perceptions experienced while interacting with new media.

Angela Lee

Lee is interested in understanding the impact of media and technology on users’ health and well-being by studying psychological processes such as mindsets, particularly in the context of adolescent and parent-child relationships.

Mufan Luo

Luo’s research focuses on the psychology of communication technology, which involves the examination of interpersonal dynamics in computer-mediated communication (CMC) and social media affordances.

Ryan Moore

Moore is interested in how features of new media platforms (e.g., social media sites) and technologies (e.g., smartphones) affect our consumption, processing, and sharing of information, especially information about politics and news.

Sumer Vaid

Vaid is broadly interested in understanding how individual differences in demographic and psychological traits relate to patterns of use of digital media technologies (i.e smartphone, social media applications).