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Rebele Symposia

Rowland and Pat Rebele generously support the Dept. of Communication, providing funds for the Symposia and the Rebele Internship Program.

White House
Rebele Symposium: Meet the Press

The 2020 Rebele Symposium – held the day after Super Tuesday – focuses on swing-state coverage of the presidential election and features reporters from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida. Watch the video.

investigating tech
Rebele Symposium: Investigating Tech

How did Frontline investigate Facebook’s impacts on democracy across the globe? Watch the video.

journalism we need
Rebele Symposium: The Journalism We Need

What kind of journalism do we need, and what are the ramifications of journalism not fulfilling this need? Eight scholars from six countries came together to discuss this question by addressing the intensifying connections between journalism, justice, and digital technologies.

making media
Rebele Symposium: Making Media Work

Making Media Work: Music, Books and Journalism in the Digital Age

Nancy Baym, Rasmus Nielson, Christine Larson. Moderator: James Hamilton

Apr 20, 2017

data driven democracy
Rebele Symposium: Data-Driven Democracy

Data-Driven Democracy: Technology, Data and the 2016 Election

Dan Kreiss, Jesse Baldwin-Philippi, Carol Davidsen. Moderator: James Hamilton

Mar 31, 2016

shaping your speech
Rebele Symposium: Shaping Your Speech

Shaping Your Speech: Media Reform, Past and Present

Mignon Clyburn, Victor Pickard & Morgan Weiland. Ted Glasser and Christine Larson moderate.

April 1, 2015

Rebele Symposium: Media Work

Media Work: News, Networks and Power in the Digital Economy

Gina Neff, C. W. Anderson and Christine Larson and James T. Hamilton

April 10, 2014

more voices more choices
Rebele Symposium: More Voices, More Choices?

More Voices, More Choices?: Inclusion and Influence in the Post-Mass Media World

Catherine Squires, Katie Orenstein and Ivan Sigal

April 17, 2013