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Why major in Communication?

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A Communication degree from Stanford prepares you to understand the ever-increasing power of media, media technologies, and communication processes in everyday life. It also gives you skills that employers value – skills ranging from the ability to conduct complex quantitative social analyses to the ability to write clear and compelling prose. Depending on your route through the major, you may also develop skills in one-on-one interviewing, multimedia storytelling, and survey research.

Employers know that our students bring these skills with them to the workplace when they graduate. Our recent graduates are working across the media industries, from film, to public relations, to social media. They can also be found pursuing careers in law, medicine, and teaching.

As a field, communication is a crossroads of the social sciences. Regardless of the profession they choose, our graduates leave campus with a well-exercised sense of curiosity; the ability to formulate new social, psychological, and cultural questions; and the intellectual tools they need to find answers to those questions, now and in the future.